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Luc Taesch ltaesch@REDACTED
Sun Sep 17 09:53:14 CEST 2000

Francesco Cesarini wrote:

> > Since it shouldn't take TV longer to
> > open a window than any other tool (Pman, Debugger, etc),
> > maybe it should be removed to avoid any confusion.
> The problem with the TV is that it does take longer (on a slow machine,
> much much longer) to start the table windows. This is because unlike
> Pman and the Debugger [ .. ]

> (If the table is not huge, lots of empty objects
> are created instead).

ah, that sounds better. at least, i understand now.

> An option would be to create the visible part first and display it. Once
> done, the parts not visible in the window could be created.... Or insert
> a resize option in the grid object and use that instead.
> Rgds,
> FC

still, when in debug, if i do , say search, 1 or 2 second may lapse before
the search windows get focus. any idea about that ?

i m trying to assess it its:
    - tk (gs is tk based, is it ?)
    -erlang , or func approach to that

im too newby to get the point the about that.

mnesia has proven that func language can be efficient for side effect.
so now, i to to understand why graphical side effect are not efficient.

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