about graphics and GUI

Karlsson Mikael qramika@REDACTED
Tue Sep 19 09:48:09 CEST 2000

This sounds interesting, but I do not understand were the binary 
syntax comes in. Is it together with the IC application?

Could you give an example?


> With the new binary syntax it is really easy to write a program that 
> does this if the source header file/interface is well written.. 

> I wrote one in couple of hours that could generate 75% of the 
> opengl functions for example.. 

> /Dan

>Sean Hinde writes:
> > I looked at this a bit a while back and it seemed that most of the other
> > language bindings used their equivalent of the old Interface Generator to
> > generate all the code. (i.e. given a set of C header files, generate the
> > equivalent interface in the native language). Since the demise of IG there
> > doesn't appear to be an easy mechanism (write your own generator..)
> > 
> > Maybe there would be some scope in having a preliminary stage in the IC
> > compilation process to munge C header files into something usable by this?
> > 
> > Sean

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