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Francesco Cesarini cesarini@REDACTED
Mon Sep 18 12:31:31 CEST 2000

> Since it shouldn't take TV longer to
> open a window than any other tool (Pman, Debugger, etc),
> maybe it should be removed to avoid any confusion.

The problem with the TV is that it does take longer (on a slow machine,
much much longer) to start the table windows. This is because unlike
Pman and the Debugger, TV does not use the grid object (which creates a
few lines and positions the text). Instead, it creates every cell in the
grid (as GS object) so as to allow the resizing of the column width. In
addition, if the table being read is huge, all objects are created
before it is displayed. (If the table is not huge, lots of empty objects
are created instead).

An option would be to create the visible part first and display it. Once
done, the parts not visible in the window could be created.... Or insert
a resize option in the grid object and use that instead.

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