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Klacke klacke@REDACTED
Thu May 11 00:18:29 CEST 2000

> k> In the longer run we have an async driver in the pipe which
> k> schedules job to kernel threads. (if the os have them)
> I've noticed a general reluctance not to introduce features that
> aren't portable across all the platforms supported by Erlang.

Well this one is pretty portable. In particular it is implementable
on basically all platforms. Those platforms that don't support
kernel threads (BSD*) will run just fine, except that the
operation will not be performed asyncronously. It'll be just great
on Solaris, win32, and now on linux with the pthreads/clone kit.

Besides, we're not the otp crew, we're just another company
that use erlang to deliver applications to our paying customers.
If we need a feature, we implement it, if then that feature is
not implemntable on , say VxWorks, well ....

We ship the stuff we do to the otp crew and if they like it they
take it. If they don't like it and we desperately need it, we need to
reintroduce our fixes into the releases that come from the otp crew.



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