Building Erlang Projects Offline

Oliver Korpilla Oliver.Korpilla@REDACTED
Thu Feb 3 21:41:24 CET 2022

In my project we're isolated from the internet when building, something which the elixir package manager doesn't like very much, which mix defaults to using.

We ended up downloading a version of hex into a folder and also a binary version of rebar3 for building our Erlang dependencies, the configured or build system to use those.

Mix can build a full deployable release including an ERTS if needed, both from elixir and Erlang sources. So I know it can definitely be done. The only somewhat annoying thing is that the setup always starts rebar3 for compiling dependencies even if nothing is to be done. But after being started rebar3 at least recognizes nothing needs rebuilding.

If such a setup is interesting for you I could provide you with some details. It requires installing elixir for the build tooling but you can still do all your coding in Erlang as you wish.


On 3 February 2022 21:03:42 CET, Joseph Lloyd <josarlo84@REDACTED> wrote:
>I need a way of building Erlang apps and releases on an
>internal corporate network that is intentionally isolated from the
>internet.  I have tried installing rebar3 without success so far.   Has
>anyone done this?  Are there better ways of achieving offline builds of
>erlang apps/releases?

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