Add crypto:pbkdf2_hmac/5 BIF to the crypto module

Bryan Frimin bryan@REDACTED
Thu Nov 18 16:58:23 CET 2021

Hello everyone,

I propose to add the pbkdf2_hmac/2 function to the crypto module.

PBKD2 with HMAC is used by a lot of applications and libraries in
Erlang, currently, most of it uses the basho one or a fork of the basho

As Erlang already binds OpenSSL and because this function is available
even on the OpenSSL 0.9.8c, I think it can be a great UX improvement to
have it from the OTP instead of an external library.

It's why I suggest enriching the crypto module with this function. I've
already opened a pull request[1].

I tried as much as possible to follow the contribution guide. Don't
hesitate to tell me if I made a mistake somewhere.



Bryan Frimin

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