Patch Package OTP 24.1.6 Released

Thu Nov 18 16:43:59 CET 2021

Patch Package:           OTP 24.1.6
Git Tag:                 OTP-24.1.6
Date:                    2021-11-18
Trouble Report Id:       OTP-17756, OTP-17757
Seq num:                 GH-5352, GH-5383
System:                  OTP
Release:                 24
Application:             ssl-10.5.3
Predecessor:             OTP 24.1.5

 Check out the git tag OTP-24.1.6, and build a full OTP system
 including documentation. Apply one or more applications from this
 build as patches to your installation using the 'otp_patch_apply'
 tool. For information on install requirements, see descriptions for
 each application version below.

 --- ssl-10.5.3 ------------------------------------------------------

 Note! The ssl-10.5.3 application *cannot* be applied independently of
       other applications on an arbitrary OTP 24 installation.

       On a full OTP 24 installation, also the following runtime
       dependency has to be satisfied:
       -- public_key-1.11.3 (first satisfied in OTP 24.1.2)

 --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

  OTP-17756    Application(s): ssl
               Related Id(s): GH-5383, PR-5397

               Correct typo of ECC curve name in signature algorithm
               handling. Will make the signature algorithm
               ecdsa_secp521r1_sha512 succeed.

  OTP-17757    Application(s): ssl
               Related Id(s): GH-5352, PR-5395

               Suppress authenticity warning when option verify_none
               is explicitly supplied.

 Full runtime dependencies of ssl-10.5.3: crypto-5.0, erts-10.0,
 inets-5.10.7, kernel-8.0, public_key-1.11.3, runtime_tools-1.15.1,


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