A tiny introduction of a long-standing Erlang fan

zxq9 zxq9@REDACTED
Wed Apr 7 16:06:11 CEST 2021

Hi Giovanni!

On 2021/04/07 18:29, Giovanni Giorgi wrote:
> I have some trouble finding out tutorials and books on latest Erlang 
> features, and I am collecting articles and tutorials (like the nice 
> https://blog.erlang.org/the-road-to-the-jit/  and the addendum on Maps  
> by https://learnyousomeerlang.com/maps#about-this-chapter  ); so I 
> decide to subscribe again to the mailing list for collecting new 
> tutorial, idioms and trends.

Lately I've been making a few tutorial videos to address some 
fundamentals and practical code examples in projects that run with repos 
you can explore and hack on.

Network services: Telnet chat server
A two-part example of a multiuser network application in its minimal 
stages to show how such a thing can work first as a broadcast/echo 
service and then with channels, usernames, and a limited permission 
system that is small enough to understand the components of with a 
minimal of code reading.

Here is a blog post with both videos linked and an explanation of each.

GUI coding: Tetris in Erlang
This was a lot of fun, but took a bit of time to explain exhaustively so 
it turned into a 3-video series. I make sure to talk through the commit 
history so you can play with each commit stage locally and understand 
the diffs without too much exploration.

Part 1: Data Types and Basic GUI Display

Part 2: Gameplay Mechanics

Part 3: Gameplay Rules, Final Features and Deployment

A discussion about conditional idioms using Fizzbuzz as a simple 
example, comparing Python and Erlang:

A discussion about what OOP style objects are with an example 
implementation in Erlang:

There is some other stuff as well, but you are the target audience for 
these so I figured I'd link them here as some others have found them 
helpful. I really need to do a "wxErlang from the ground up" sort of 
video but haven't decided a good way to structure that just yet. A 
little informal group of other coders and I are considering expanding 
the chat example service with a GUI client with some extra feature 
extensions (like launching multiplayer games, communal whiteboard, image 
chat, etc.) as an example and a plugin playground newcomers can play 
with and study for ideas but we haven't found the time just yet.


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