A tiny introduction of a long-standing Erlang fan

Giovanni Giorgi jj@REDACTED
Wed Apr 7 11:29:04 CEST 2021

Hi everybody,
  my name is Giovanni Giorgi and I am a 46 years old DevOps Solution 
Architect, mostly in Java.

I work as a professional software engineer from 2000 after a PhD on 
Information Technology at University of Milan, Italy.

I discovered Erlang in 2009, I have read "Erlang Programming A 
Concurrent Approach to Software Development" by Francesco Cesarini & 
Simon Thompson and I liked it.

I also have the lucky to make an interview to Francesco in 2014.

I have done very little projects years ago 
(https://github.com/daitangio/er_zauker) , but I'd like to make a 
"refresh" of my knowledge, because I learned up to release 17 (on 
2014...about 7 years ago).

I have some trouble finding out tutorials and books on latest Erlang 
features, and I am collecting articles and tutorials (like the nice 
https://blog.erlang.org/the-road-to-the-jit/  and the addendum on Maps  
by https://learnyousomeerlang.com/maps#about-this-chapter  ); so I 
decide to subscribe again to the mailing list for collecting new 
tutorial, idioms and trends.

So I hope to have your support to take a second look at Erlang.

PS: I have studied a bit Elixir but I prefer Erlang language right now.

Giovanni Giorgi via webmail
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