mnesia initialization

Karlo Kuna
Fri Nov 8 01:57:39 CET 2019


I have problem with mnesia initialization,

I have a db_init function that initializes db so that if tables do not
exist they are created (ram with disc_copies). For example:

db_init() ->
    mnesia:create_table(some_record,[{attributes, record_info(fields,
bag}, {disc_copies, [node()]}]).

I'm running this function on the app start to make sure the table exists
and is ready.
However half of the time it destroys old table returning {atomic, ok} and
another half it returns with already_exists. Also, this happens in the
regular fashion, if I have n starts of application, even starts would
destroy data and even wold keeps old data. I know that I am missing
something probably obvious here but if anyone has any insights on why is
this happening and how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,
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