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Michael Truog <>
Wed Sep 21 09:47:26 CEST 2016

On 09/21/2016 12:23 AM, Pierre Fenoll wrote:
> Some time ago I added http://erldocs.com/function.htm
> On 20 Sep 2016, at 18:53, Éric Pailleau < <mailto:>> wrote:
>> Currently, we can use the external site http://erldocs.com/18.3/stdlib/ets.html?i=352 and change the version number in the URL to determine that the change occurred sometime in an 18.x release, but it would be nice to make things simpler.  I have seen this be a problem more than once.
> While it is not perfect, it should be able to tell you on which releases your function exists.
This is a very cool feature.  Will use this in the future.  Thanks!

> http://erldocs.com <http://erldocs.com/function.htm> also sports a search bar that looks up Erlang code in all open source projects.
> I use it when I want to know what the best practices are when using this or that library.
> Im working on http://other.erldocs.com (latest version at https://dev.erldocs.com ).
> It is a daily build of all Erlang open source projects documentation.
> It has a /Repo/Tag/Application/Module.html format.
> Please note that erldocs is an open source project. You are more than welcome to file an issue or create pull requests. You can make the life of thousands of erldocs.com <http://erldocs.com> visitors easier!
> http://github.com/erldocs/erldocs/issues
> http://github.com/erldocs/erldocs/pulls <http://github.com/erldocs/erldocs/issues>

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