[erlang-questions] Apology

José Valim <>
Wed Sep 21 03:35:59 CEST 2016

> The syntax colouring doesn't make sense to me:
> some function names are in green, some are not.
> Some things are in orange, and I haven't a clue why.

Unfortunately syntax highlighting is done in JavaScript with an Elixir
lexer implemented in JavaScript. In other words: I also have no idea why
some things are in orange (I never had the courage to investigate).

That is, you *can* navigate to something you are *already at*.

The main reason for this is to be able to click on the function name and
change the browser URL so you can copy, paste it and send it to someone.
That's similar to the headers in a README on Github
<https://github.com/erlang/otp#building-and-installing>. Otherwise, your
only option would be to go to the sidebar, find the function again and then
copy the link.

For exploring the current page as a whole, the sidebar was meant to be the
place to go. From there you can go to the top of the page, navigate to the
Summary, as well as list and navigate to each Function, Type and Callback.

"Specs" is just noise, better not there.

I like this suggestion.
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