[erlang-questions] Learning from the Manual

Miles Fidelman <>
Tue Sep 20 14:14:22 CEST 2016

And, I've found "Erlang and OTP in Action" to be very helpful in getting 
from the basics to the design of real systems.

On 9/20/16 6:18 AM, Matthias Lang wrote:
> On 20. September 2016, Peter J Etheridge wrote:
>> Dear List,I assume the Manual is clear to those who understand it.
>> For noobies [like me], the Manual can be re-read and still not explain
>> 'why' or 'how', or answer a question.Clearly, the Manual needs to be
>> read in conjunction with ROK's email responses.
> If you're a "noobie", you _can_ learn Erlang from the reference
> manual. But it's hard work. Much easier to work through an
> entertaining and carefully thought out tutorial, i.e.:
>     http://learnyousomeerlang.com/content
> I took a look at his "datatype" section to see how he dealt with the
> "there aren't actually any strings" problem. And it turns out there is
> no string section!  Perfect.  Instead, the "Lists!" section shows
> strings as one possible use of lists, which makes it a natural place
> to present all the pitfalls. I'm looking at:
>     http://learnyousomeerlang.com/starting-out-for-real
> As someone who's written both manuals and FAQs, I think
> learn-you-some-erlang has an unbeatable effort/benefit ratio,
> especially for "noobies".
> Matt
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