[erlang-questions] Inets socket_type, what's ip_comm and how order IPvX sockets?

Ameretat Reith <>
Tue Sep 20 09:20:39 CEST 2016

Sorry for multiple mails list, I and mail client became crazy at the same

> This is a legacy name. It does not imply ipv4 or ipv6 it implies not
> SSL/TLS or
> HTTP as opposed to  HTTPS.
> There is an
> *ipfamily option that you can set to get inet or inet6. *


So, going back to first mail questions, the only thing that is not 
possibe is getting one inets listenning on both IPv4 and IPv6, correct?

So It looks like a task of inets user (tsung) to conclude whether machine 
IPv6 or IPv4 capabilites and open correct listenning socket.  It was nice
if inets did this and user could use services in an IP agnostinc way, imho.

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