[erlang-questions] Recommendations for secure websocket + fallbacks

Lyn Headley <>
Thu Jan 28 02:00:57 CET 2016

I am developing a web app that will use client-side js code that I am
writing to issue cross-origin requests from a domain not under my
control to a web server under my control; and am evaluating whether to
use websockets, long-polling, or another method. I need to consider
things like browser compatibility (the more browsers supported, the
better) and security (requests / packets must be secure, so https or
wss I think). My ideal solution will support low latency messaging and
high scalability, but will also support most browsers, and be easy to
install and configure. One tactic for example would be to prefer
websockets, but fall back to long-polling, which is what I understand
socket.io does.

I would be interested to hear any experiences you might have in this
domain, and any recommendations you might have for erlang libraries,
servers, etc. Has anyone done this? What stack did you deploy? What
were the issues you encountered?

I have a slight bias in favor of yaws, because I have already gotten
it running, but am open to other web servers if it turns out to be too
hard to make yaws do what I want.


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