[erlang-questions] Recommendations for secure websocket + fallbacks

Fred Hebert <>
Thu Jan 28 15:08:14 CET 2016

On 01/27, Lyn Headley wrote:
> My ideal solution will support low latency messaging and
>high scalability, but will also support most browsers, and be easy to
>install and configure. One tactic for example would be to prefer
>websockets, but fall back to long-polling, which is what I understand
>socket.io does.

This is what socket.io *did*. At some point around release 0.7, 
socket.io became a full blown framework mandating redis on the backend 
and whatnot. I used to be one of the maintainer of an Erlang 
implementation and we abandoned it at that point -- we had signed up for 
a translation/compatibility layer, not maintaining a full web framework 
(nevermind the weird protocol implementation).

>I would be interested to hear any experiences you might have in this
>domain, and any recommendations you might have for erlang libraries,
>servers, etc. Has anyone done this? What stack did you deploy? What
>were the issues you encountered?

Sadly I'm afraid I can't be of much more help there. I've left a lot of 
my web dev work behind me. Something equivalent in spirit to the 
socket.io of old, but with the Erlang frame of mind is 'bullet', 
developped to work with cowboy: https://github.com/ninenines/bullet

It's what I would consider your best bet, but I'm out of the game when 
it comes to that stuff and don't know what else may exist.


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