[erlang-questions] Erlang for an audio streaming server project?

Edgar H <>
Fri Dec 2 23:34:39 CET 2016


I'm currently developing a personal project for the university which
consists in a Java desktop software which should stream live audio via HTTP
so anybody can listen through the server's IP. I've been looking for Java
libraries that do this but it's almost impossible to find one that is
actually maintained nowadays. Then I found Erland and saw the possibility
of using it together with Java.

Does Erlang solve the typical problems you would have in Java having to
code all the streaming process with the formats and such? I was thinking
about taking this Java + Erlang path as it seems the most reasonable
approach instead of using old libraries and also learn an interesting new
language in the process.

And also, I would be very pleased if you could provide me (if you know
some) a starting point related to streaming with Erlang so I can start
looking at it after learning the syntax of the language.

Thanks in advance!
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