[erlang-questions] Elixir vs. Erlang

Éric Pailleau eric.pailleau@REDACTED
Sun Apr 24 14:58:06 CEST 2016

For the quote, you can reuse it, no royalties ;-) 
The original author won't claim for royalties after 4 hundreds years in a grave... 

About rebar3, I wanted to precise it is not the alpha and omega.  I prefere to use erlang.mk,  but try to propose also rebar plugins for my projects. 
Having a single builder, as well having a single language on Beam is not a good thing.
From several points of view come sane emulation, and different ways to solve problems. 
From one language, from one builder tool come sclerosis. 

"Envoyé depuis mon mobile " Eric

---- Michał Muskała a écrit ----

>> I m tired of such versus.
>I fully agree.
>I don't think the real question is Erlang or Elixir. The real
>question, as Éric said is "to Beam or not to Beam". Both Erlang and
>Elixir have merits and both have faults, but neither is going away any
>time soon.
>Every single person using Erlang, Elixir or LFE benefits all of us, we
>should strive to expand the communities together instead of
>antagonizing them.
>I really hope we'll be able to find a way to make it easy to use
>Elixir libraries from rebar3, so the cross-use of libraries is even
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