[erlang-questions] Is ejabberd/MongooseIM not a good choise for mobile IM?

Manuel A. Rubio "Bombadil" bombadil@REDACTED
Thu Apr 14 18:27:24 CEST 2016


Hi Caiyun, 

El 2016-04-14 15:53, Caiyun Deng escribió: 

> Hi! I want to develop a mobile IM app, i searched something about. Because xmpp is heavyweight, is ejabberd/MongooseIM not a good choise for mobile IM? 
> If you develop a mobile IM today, which tool will you choose?

Well, XMPP was not created for mobile, that's right, the last
improvements in MongooseIM and ejabberd let you use XMPP for mobile, but
you maybe will need to do customizations on that. 

Another approach a lot of people is using now is MQTT instead of XMPP.
It's more flexible because the specifications is shorter and it doesn't
define how to do the messaging between users and other things. You have
to do it for yourself. In this approach you can use VerneMQ or RabbitMQ
(with the MQTT module). 

Anyway there are not a turn-key solution, there are only SaaS you can

Manuel Rubio. 
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