[erlang-questions] Problems with percept and 18.3

Rick Payne rickp@REDACTED
Sun Apr 10 14:40:08 CEST 2016

Using the 18.3 standard build from Erlang Solutions on OSX 10.11.4, if I try and use percept (or percept2 for that matter) on my application, I’m running into a beam assert:

(n1@REDACTED)1> percept:profile(“perf.dat", [procs]).
Starting profiling.
(n1@REDACTED)2> TYPE ASSERTION FAILED, file beam/erl_term.c, line 116: tag_val_def: 0x0
[os_mon] cpu supervisor port (cpu_sup): Erlang has closed

It doesn’t happen if I just start erlang and then percept, so something my application is doing is triggering the crash, but I’m struggling to know what it could be.

So is anyone actually using percept on erlang 18.3? Or any suggestions as to what I’m hitting and should look at?


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