[erlang-questions] Typos in 'getting_started-5.4'

Tuncer Ayaz tuncer.ayaz@REDACTED
Tue Feb 3 20:15:55 CET 2015

On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 4:53 AM, Ted Kaehler wrote:
> Folks,
>         Thank you for your detailed and easy-to-read document,
> 'getting_started-5.4'.  Here are some corrections.  Just search for the
> quotation to find it in the document.
> Erlang does not have a string date type
>        date should be data

>From what I can tell, dating back to the R13B03 git sources, this does
already say "data type".

> The .erlang.cookie file should contain on line with the same atom.
>         on should be one

Fixed by Derek Brown in 069fe154 (Nov 20th 2014).

> This example will just show the message passing logic no attempt at all has
> been made
>         something left out after logic?  Start a new sentence?

In the same commit (069fe154) Derek wrapped this in - ... -, though it
seems to be messing a space before the starting '-'.

@Derek, want to fix that?

> Logs off anybody at at node
>         at should be that

This typo still exists and can be found in three files inside
conc_prog.xml:574:%%%     Logs off anybody at at node
records_macros.xml:100:%%%     Logs off anybody at at node
robustness.xml:292:%%%     Logs off anybody at at node

> Note the use of the spawn_link BIF.
>        (spawn_link is not actually called in that example.)
> processes mesage queue.
>       mesage should be message

Couldn't find this, but there's a comment typo:
erts/emulator/hipe/hipe_bif1.c:162: *   size of the mesage[...]

> I really appreciate the fact that this document is freely available on the
> web!  Thanks for all the hard work.

Thanks for the report, Ted.

For typos like this, if you have a Github account, it's easy to make
the corrections directly in your browser and submit a pull request. If
you know where to find the sources, that is, and for that it's best to
have a local clone of otp.git.

Otherwise, someone from the community or the OTP team has to notice
and remember to submit a patch.

In either case, it's great you took the time to report!

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