[erlang-questions] Typos in 'getting_started-5.4'

Derek Brown derek@REDACTED
Thu Feb 5 16:53:38 CET 2015

Ted was referring to the pdf version of Getting Started, at

That timestamp on that file is 2004, though, so is out of date with
relation to the current HTML guide:

I submitted a PR for a number of the issues that do appear in the current


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>On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 4:53 AM, Ted Kaehler wrote:
>> Folks,
>>         Thank you for your detailed and easy-to-read document,
>> 'getting_started-5.4'.  Here are some corrections.  Just search for the
>> quotation to find it in the document.
>> Erlang does not have a string date type
>>        date should be data
>>From what I can tell, dating back to the R13B03 git sources, this does
>already say "data type".
>> The .erlang.cookie file should contain on line with the same atom.
>>         on should be one
>Fixed by Derek Brown in 069fe154 (Nov 20th 2014).
>> This example will just show the message passing logic no attempt at all
>> been made
>>         something left out after logic?  Start a new sentence?
>In the same commit (069fe154) Derek wrapped this in - ... -, though it
>seems to be messing a space before the starting '-'.
>@Derek, want to fix that?
>> Logs off anybody at at node
>>         at should be that
>This typo still exists and can be found in three files inside
>conc_prog.xml:574:%%%     Logs off anybody at at node
>records_macros.xml:100:%%%     Logs off anybody at at node
>robustness.xml:292:%%%     Logs off anybody at at node
>> Note the use of the spawn_link BIF.
>>        (spawn_link is not actually called in that example.)
>> processes mesage queue.
>>       mesage should be message
>Couldn't find this, but there's a comment typo:
>erts/emulator/hipe/hipe_bif1.c:162: *   size of the mesage[...]
>> I really appreciate the fact that this document is freely available on
>> web!  Thanks for all the hard work.
>Thanks for the report, Ted.
>For typos like this, if you have a Github account, it's easy to make
>the corrections directly in your browser and submit a pull request. If
>you know where to find the sources, that is, and for that it's best to
>have a local clone of otp.git.
>Otherwise, someone from the community or the OTP team has to notice
>and remember to submit a patch.
>In either case, it's great you took the time to report!
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