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YuanZhiqian on-your-mark@REDACTED
Thu Dec 17 09:51:56 CET 2015

Hi Alexey,
  It's interesting that I've just tried copying rebar.config from the rebar-friendly fork to the canonical repository, what I intended is to tell rebar to find the correct dependency, and then I ran rebar get-deps && rebar compile, everything worked perfect. 
  So I guess there's something wrong with the erlang.mk so that it's unsuccessful to build using 'make'

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Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] Use Erlang AMQP client library
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The better place to ask this sort of questions is at rabbitmq-users mailing list.

But to summarize:- Failure with rebar is an expected outcome, it's not the right build tool- Failure with source tarball and `make` is an error - I've filed an issue at https://github.com/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-erlang-client/issues/29- Failure to build from github checkout with `make` - couldn't reproduce it. Probably it's some problem with your build environment, but more details are needed if you want help from somebody )
2015-12-16 20:11 GMT+03:00 YuanZhiqian <on-your-mark@REDACTED>:
Thanks Alexey:), I'll have a try tomorrow. However there seems a lot of compilation errors when building rabbitmq from code, do you have a clue?

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在 2015年12月17日,01:06,Alexey Lebedeff <binarin@REDACTED> 写道:

If you are using erlang.mk or rebar3 as build tool, you could just add amqp_client to your dependencies, and everything will start working automagically. 
If for some legacy reasons you are using rebar2, then you could use rebar-friendly fork of client at https://github.com/jbrisbin/amqp_client

2015-12-16 18:09 GMT+03:00 YuanZhiqian <on-your-mark@REDACTED>:

Hi guys,
  I have a frustrating time tonight trying to use rabbitmq library for erlang in my project. There're two ways provided by the official sites: .ez archive file as well as in source code. https://www.rabbitmq.com/erlang-client.html
  I wonder which one I should choose. I prefer to use the source code because in erlang's documentation page, it is said the loading code from archive file is an experimental feature and is not recommend, http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/code.html, besides, I'm not very sure how to use a .ez archive file.
  On the other hand, the source code won't compile through, I searched in google and people says that it is not wise to compile source code by one's own to use rabbitmq at present, because of some tricky problem. 
  I have tried using rebar and make to build the source code, but both failed with complaints as folllows:

$ rebar compile==> amqp_client-3.5.7-src (compile)include/amqp_client.hrl:20: can't find include lib "rabbit_common/include/rabbit.hrl"include/amqp_client.hrl:21: can't find include lib "rabbit_common/include/rabbit_framing.hrl"src/amqp_gen_connection.erl:313: undefined macro 'INTERNAL_ERROR'include/amqp_client.hrl:23: record 'P_basic' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:174: record amqp_error undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:176: record amqp_error undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:212: function internal_error/3 undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:215: record 'connection.close' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:266: record 'connection.close' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:273: record 'connection.close' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:275: record 'connection.close_ok' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:280: record 'connection.blocked' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:285: record 'connection.unblocked' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:291: record amqp_error undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:352: record 'connection.close' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:355: record 'connection.close' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:357: variable 'Code' is unboundsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:357: variable 'Text' is unboundsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:368: record 'connection.close_ok' undefinedsrc/amqp_gen_connection.erl:290: Warning: variable 'Other' is unused

$ makerm -f deps.mkecho src/amqp_auth_mechanisms.erl:src/amqp_channel.erl:src/amqp_channels_manager.erl:src/amqp_channel_sup.erl:src/amqp_channel_sup_sup.erl:src/amqp_client.erl:src/amqp_connection.erl:src/amqp_connection_sup.erl:src/amqp_connection_type_sup.erl:src/amqp_direct_connection.erl:src/amqp_direct_consumer.erl:src/amqp_gen_connection.erl:src/amqp_gen_consumer.erl:src/amqp_main_reader.erl:src/amqp_network_connection.erl:src/amqp_rpc_client.erl:src/amqp_rpc_server.erl:src/amqp_selective_consumer.erl:src/amqp_sup.erl:src/amqp_uri.erl:src/rabbit_routing_util.erl:src/uri_parser.erl:include/amqp_client.hrl:include/amqp_client_internal.hrl:include/amqp_gen_consumer_spec.hrl:include/rabbit_routing_prefixes.hrl: | escript ../rabbitmq-server/generate_deps deps.mk ebinescript: Failed to open file: ../rabbitmq-server/generate_depsmake: *** No rule to make target `deps.mk', needed by `ebin/amqp_auth_mechanisms.beam'.  Stop.

Besides, in the README file, the instruction tells me to do like this:

 $ git clone https://github.com/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-codegen.git $ git clone https://github.com/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server.git $ git clone https://github.com/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-erlang-client.git $ cd rabbitmq-erlang-client $ make
  Well, it won't compile too! And I am even more confused why I need to clone the rabbit erlang client again in this case, since the README file itself is already in the client's source code directory.

To make a conclusion, my trouble here is:
1. Should I use .ez archive file or source code?2. How to use .ez archive file, is it safe?3. How should I deal with the compile errors?4. Why do I need to clone another client's source code as told by the README file?
I am used to put a library in "deps" folder in my project and rebar would build them altogether for me, I think that's a preferable choice, quite clear in terms of project's folder layout at least. 

  Any advice is appreciated :)
Best regardsZhiqian



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