[erlang-questions] --xinclude in xsltproc

borja.carbo@REDACTED borja.carbo@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 23:59:07 CET 2015

If you do not mind I would lke to close this thread.

It is not I have found the answer to my questions. It is just that  
taking the code at the github, I have concluded that the  
examples/skeletons of the documentation in erl_docgen do not lead so  
stright forward to what I was expecting.

example: rahter than using: <include file="file"/> I used the  
<xi:include href="file.xml"/>.
Other aspect was rather than using <application> I used <application  
rather than using <part> I used <part  

Another point to manege with the success was the creation of one  
book.xml file (as a target of the xsltproc command) using as example  
that from:  

However there is a strategic question related to: When to use EDoc  
tools to build module/application documentation and when to use  
Erl_Docgen. Both creates different html layout for the documentation  
and also some different documentation structure.

Anyway, sorry for the disturbance and thanks..
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