[erlang-questions] --xinclude in xsltproc

borja.carbo@REDACTED borja.carbo@REDACTED
Wed Dec 16 09:59:23 CET 2015


According to the examples on erl_docgen documentation seems the  
parameter --xinclude should be empty for the different output formats  
to be generated.

However it is not the same on the code in the github document  
where for example for the indext.html case it is used:
  --xinclude $(TOP_SPECS_PARAM) $(MOD2APP_PARAM) \
and for .fo it is used:
  --xinclude $(TOP_SPECS_PARAM) \

It is true that at the begining of the document it is indicated:

ifneq ($(TOP_SPECS_FILE),)
TOP_SPECS_PARAM = --stringparam specs_file "`pwd`/$(TOP_SPECS_FILE)"

MOD2APP = $(ERL_TOP)/make/$(TARGET)/mod2app.xml
ifneq ($(wildcard $(MOD2APP)),)
MOD2APP_PARAM = --stringparam mod2app_file "$(MOD2APP)"

However this can not be generalized to any user code documentation  
since those sentences refere to some specific directoty (by the `pwd`)  
and although I have search for the mod2app.xml file I have not been  
able to find it inside the github tree.

Please any help?

I have tried to just list the *.xml files in my case needed (map.xml  
and others), all of them placed on the same directory and entering the  
xsltproc command from that path and the result was that:

compilation error: file map.xml line 3 element erlref
xsltParseStylesheetProcess : document is not a stylesheet

However, when applying the xsltproc command to the that file (map.xml)  
there was not problem to find the stylesheet.

Best Regards / Borja

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