[erlang-questions] Question about Erlang and Ada

Martin skribent_har@REDACTED
Sat Dec 12 08:02:14 CET 2015

Hi everyone

I have a project in the field of robotics were I consider using Erlang and SWI Prolog for a real time system.  However since I am open for all kind of input, I wrote to a company that sells Ada solutions (since the language is made for critical systems) and asked them to make a case for Ada vs Erlang. They wrote back that they didn't know enough about Erlang to comment on the "let it crash" philosophy but they wrote that:

Ada philosophy is "build is correct". That's achieved through an extensive specification language (including contract-based programming) together with dynamic and static verification techniques.

So my question is:

Do you think that there are times when Adas philosophy is better then Erlang, in a real time system, or is  the Erlang model always better?

Appreciate all help I can get

Best regards


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