[erlang-questions] exec-port crashing

Alberto Rosso flagg.abe@REDACTED
Wed Dec 2 00:36:14 CET 2015

Hello guys,
    our erlang application is running several c nodes and shell scripts,
handled by erlexec. For some reason i'm going to debug deeper, the port
exec-port crashes when decoding a string received from the erlang side.

This issue brought a couple of questions to light.
Isn't it bad to use exec-port as the unique gateway for all of my c nodes?
I mean, a single crash of the exec-port frustrates the advantages of the
supervision tree we've designed to make the application robust to hardware
Another doubt is about the possibility for exec-port to become a
performance bottleneck of the whole application, as the number of c nodes
(and their throughput from/to the erlang app) is growing.

Could be starting more than one instance of the exec application, an
(awful) solution?

Your thoughts are really appreciated.
Alberto Rosso
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