[erlang-questions] Implementing an erlang server to host organizational data

Kevin Montuori montuori@REDACTED
Tue Dec 1 15:50:45 CET 2015

>>>>> "kp" == Khitai Pang <khitai.pang@REDACTED> writes:

    kp> I am writing an erlang server to host organizational data, e.g. the
    kp> hierarchy of a company.
    kp> How to store the data on disk? Mnesia?  How to organize the
    kp> data?

When faced with these requirements, I'd use an LDAP directory for the
on-disk storage.  There are any number of roll-you-own solutions but for
a commercial (read "real world") application it's hard to beat LDAP.

The eldap application will get you going.  Should you require a polyglot
solution you'll find there are few languages that can't handle LDAP. 


  Kevin Montuori

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