[erlang-questions] Google Summer of Code 2014 with the BEAM Community

José Valim <>
Tue Feb 4 16:20:59 CET 2014

> Also, I am wondering if there can be a standard page where we can put a
> list of all such projects beginning with GSoC 2013. I can do this after
> contacting everybody else and put up such a page on github. I am sure other
> 5 participants are also continuing with their projects. We can also add
> projects other than GSoC which are currently ongoing and require more
> contributors. I am always in search of one and contribute more to Erlang
> community when I am free.

Hello Aman!

This is a great idea. We can definitely keep an archive of the previous
projects on the website. I have added you on gtalk and you have my e-mail.
I will also start a discussion on the beam-community mailing list. Let me
know if there is anything I can do to help you get in touch with last year
students and the previous projects.

Thank you!
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