[erlang-questions] Google Summer of Code 2014 with the BEAM Community

Michael Uvarov <>
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On February 4, 2014 3:30:21 PM CET, "Loïc Hoguin" <> wrote:
>Perhaps I've been too busy last year or something but what happened to 
>the 2013 projects? I'm not even sure what most of them were, and I
>think I've heard of one even being merged/released. I remember looking 
>at the mailing list at some point just before the end and had no clue 
>what the reports were talking about either.
>Any chance this year it could be a little more transparent for people 
>who can't invest all their time in following it?
>As it stands now I have no idea if any project benefited from it. 
>Perhaps this is something that could be useful for my projects, but it 
>doesn't really sound like it right now.
>On 02/04/2014 11:33 AM, José Valim wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Last year we have created the BEAM Community organization meant to
>> different projects that run on the Erlang VM. We had 6 students
>> on different projects during the summer, like Elixir, Disco, Mongoose
>> and others.
>> The Google Summer of Code 2014 has just announced they are looking
>> organizations to participate in this year edition. Historically,
>> has given higher preference for umbrella organizations and therefore
>> will participate this year again!
>> The BEAM Community website for 2014 is online:
>> http://beamcommunity.github.io/
>> The first step is to gather a set of projects that are interested in
>> taking part of the BEAM Community. So if you run a project in the
>> VM and you are interested in mentoring a student during the summer,
>> please send me an e-mail! At this stage, all we need is the project
>> and a list of ideas / proposals for students to work on. You can use
>> ideas from last year as inspiration / template
>> We are planning to host 6 projects, the same amount as last year and
>> deadline for joining us / putting up your list of ideas is 11th
>> February. Google's deadline is 14th february but we need some time to
>> put everything together. The full program timetable can be found
>> too <http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/events/google/gsoc2014>!
>> If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
>> You may also ask projects that took part last year if you are
>> on how the program works.
>> I'm looking forward to another great summer!
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