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The complete list of speakers for Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2013 is up, and it’s the best up to date. On 21-22 March 50 speakers from companies such as WhatsApp, Nokia, Ericsson, Rakuten, HP, Microsoft, OpsCode, ESPN, Linden Lab, OpenX, Infoblox, Erlang Solutions and Concurix will showcase tools, libraries and experiences in building massively concurrent distributed systems. 

Full programme here: http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/SFBay2013/speakers 

The keynote speakers are Microsoft language expert Erik Meijer and Mnesia creator Claes Wikström. Other speakers include Erlang co-inventor Robert Virding, ‘Learn you some Erlang’ author Fred Hebert, Cowboy creator Loic Hoguin, Chicago Boss creator Evan Miller, Feuerlabs co-founder Ulf Wiger and Elixir Author Jose Valim. Talks will cover areas such as Big Data, Scalability and Multi-core, and use cases in Gaming, Social Media, Messaging, Web-development, Mobile, Telecoms and Databases. They will evaluate tools such as RabbitMQ, MongooseIM, Ejabberd and compare NoSQL databases such as Couch DB, Riak and LeoFS. 

The Conference will take place at the Marines’ Memorial Club and Hotel in Union Square. A limited number of rooms is available at a secure rate, so remember to book as soon as possible: http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/SFBay2013/venue . 

See you at the Erlang Factory SF Bay! 

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