[erlang-questions] escript run from a rebar post_hook throwing "erlexec" error on Windows

David Mercer <>
Mon Oct 22 18:17:59 CEST 2012

On Friday, October 19, 2012, Jesse Gumm wrote:

> I'm running into a bit of an issue in trying to compile the mimetypes
> package.
. . .
> I've tested this with R15B - R15B02 on both Windows 7, Windows XP, and
> Linux. Linux (as expected) works reliably.

I had issues with the mimetypes application on Windows because it expected Unix line-endings in one of the files.  I submitted a patch for it, and if my deciphering of GitHub is correct, I think it got merged into the main branch.  (I'm not a GitHub guru, though, so maybe I did it wrong.)  Check to make sure you've got the most recent version.

Once I made that change, it did work for me, so I can confirm that it can work on Windows.

Otherwise, I can't help you.



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