[erlang-questions] escript run from a rebar post_hook throwing "erlexec" error on Windows

Jesse Gumm <>
Mon Oct 22 11:40:22 CEST 2012

I'm giving this a quick bump. Anyone have any insight as to why this would
work for R15B, but break after R15B01?

Jesse Gumm
Owner, Sigma Star Systems
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On Oct 19, 2012 1:32 AM, "Jesse Gumm" <> wrote:

> Hey Everyone,
> I'm running into a bit of an issue in trying to compile the mimetypes
> package.
> I'm trying to compile the mimetypes library as a rebar dependency to
> simple_bridge (and Nitrogen), and it's throwing the error "erlexec.exe
> not found" when it tries to run the post_hook:  {"win32", compile,
> "escript.exe post_compile.escript"}. Further, this is being run within
> a rebar/reltool-generated release.
> If I try to run the escript directly from the command-line, it works
> just fine. If I prepend the generated release's bin directory to the
> windows PATH it also works just fine (manually running the escript
> with: "escript.exe post_compile.escript").
> Also, the environment is within a msysgit (mingw) session.
> What's interesting about this is that this broke between R15B and
> R15B01. On R15B, it all works just fine, whereas on R15B01 and R15B02
> it generates the error.
> I've tested this with R15B - R15B02 on both Windows 7, Windows XP, and
> Linux. Linux (as expected) works reliably.
> You can test this yourself if you follow the instructions I've written
> up for building Nitrogen on Windows (which works reliably with R15B):
> https://github.com/nitrogen/nitrogen/blob/master/rel/overlay/win/README.md
> To help with debugging, I enabled ultra-verbose mode with rebar and
> this is the complete error: http://ideone.com/p7Dv7
> If anyone has any thoughts or what has changed that might cause this,
> and more importantly, what would be the solution, I'm all ears.
> Thanks in advance if anyone has anything,
> -Jesse
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> Jesse Gumm
> Owner, Sigma Star Systems
> 414.940.4866 || sigma-star.com || @jessegumm
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