[erlang-questions] escript run from a rebar post_hook throwing "erlexec" error on Windows

Jesse Gumm <>
Fri Oct 19 08:32:33 CEST 2012

Hey Everyone,

I'm running into a bit of an issue in trying to compile the mimetypes package.

I'm trying to compile the mimetypes library as a rebar dependency to
simple_bridge (and Nitrogen), and it's throwing the error "erlexec.exe
not found" when it tries to run the post_hook:  {"win32", compile,
"escript.exe post_compile.escript"}. Further, this is being run within
a rebar/reltool-generated release.

If I try to run the escript directly from the command-line, it works
just fine. If I prepend the generated release's bin directory to the
windows PATH it also works just fine (manually running the escript
with: "escript.exe post_compile.escript").

Also, the environment is within a msysgit (mingw) session.

What's interesting about this is that this broke between R15B and
R15B01. On R15B, it all works just fine, whereas on R15B01 and R15B02
it generates the error.

I've tested this with R15B - R15B02 on both Windows 7, Windows XP, and
Linux. Linux (as expected) works reliably.

You can test this yourself if you follow the instructions I've written
up for building Nitrogen on Windows (which works reliably with R15B):

To help with debugging, I enabled ultra-verbose mode with rebar and
this is the complete error: http://ideone.com/p7Dv7

If anyone has any thoughts or what has changed that might cause this,
and more importantly, what would be the solution, I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance if anyone has anything,


Jesse Gumm
Owner, Sigma Star Systems
414.940.4866 || sigma-star.com || @jessegumm

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