[erlang-questions] two questions: secure traffic and

Wes James <>
Sat Oct 20 06:02:48 CEST 2012

I finally have some of the functionality of:


updated from just PC management to Linux and Mac.

I have some questions regarding secure traffic and running as a root
process for some comands on linux/mac.

1. How do I secure the traffic between nodes?  I tried to find the email
about that the cookie was really not a security item and that the traffic
is just tcp.  What is best practice to secure traffic between nodes?

2. On windows, I install the service and it has admin privs to do most
anything.  What would the best way be to install an erlang service that
needs to do "root" work on linux/mac systems?

The server can send messages to the clients that can have the clients to
about anything.  From previous emails, it seems someone can find the client
and then if they know how the project works they could just start sending
commands to the client or read the traffic, which I don't want either one.


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