[erlang-questions] two questions: secure traffic and

Siraaj Khandkar <>
Sat Oct 20 06:13:42 CEST 2012

On Oct 20, 2012, at 12:02 AM, Wes James wrote:

> I finally have some of the functionality of:
> https://github.com/comptekki/esysman
> updated from just PC management to Linux and Mac.
> I have some questions regarding secure traffic and running as a root
> process for some comands on linux/mac.
> 1. How do I secure the traffic between nodes?  I tried to find the email
> about that the cookie was really not a security item and that the traffic
> is just tcp.  What is best practice to secure traffic between nodes?

Currently, the stable choice is a VPN tunnel between nodes on an untrusted network.

Alternatively, if you feel like exploring new grounds, you can try communicating
over SSH. Kenji Rikitake made the proof of concept here:


> 2. On windows, I install the service and it has admin privs to do most
> anything.  What would the best way be to install an erlang service that
> needs to do "root" work on linux/mac systems?


Siraaj Khandkar

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