[erlang-questions] [ANN] LeoFS 0.12.0 released

Yousuke Hara <>
Sat Oct 20 06:01:21 CEST 2012

Hello all,

We have released LeoFS v0.12.0. (S3-compatible cloud storage)

We implemented "large-object support", LeoFS was able to handle from a
few bytes a file (object) to a few GB a file.
and We fixed and improved any functions.

Also, We will provide GUI Console for LeoFS, next month.

LeoFS v0.12.0 was improved and fixed as follows:

- New feature - Large Object Support
    -- Handled from a few bytes an object to a few GB an object

- Improve performances
    -- Gateway Performance Tuning
        --- HTTP-Server replace from Mochiweb to Cowboy
        --- Reduced using list_to_binary/1
    -- Revised order of system launch
        --- before: Managers -> Storage -> Gateway
        --- after : Managers -> Storage|Gateway
    -- Changed type of key from string to binary

- Fix bugs
    -- S3-API related
        --- Overwrited bucket-info by NOT owners
        --- When put-operation, NOT returned 'ETag' header
    -- Compaction
        --- When excuting compact-command, Objects to be removed
partly may remain

* Milestone is here <http://www.leofs.org/docs/intro.html#milestones>

- LeoFS site - <http://www.leofs.org/>
- LeoFS repository - <https://github.com/leo-project/leofs/>
- LeoProject repository - <https://github.com/leo-project/>
- Twitter - <http://twitter.com/LeoFastStorage>

Best regards,
Yosuke Hara

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