[erlang-questions] Pmods, packages, Unicode source code and column numbers in compiler - what will happen in R16?

Loïc Hoguin <>
Thu Oct 18 00:23:48 CEST 2012

On 10/17/2012 11:21 PM, José Valim wrote:
>     I assumed removing pmod syntax  was the first step in a complete
>     deprecation process.
> The way I see it, the OTP team is removing pmod from OTP but it is still
> *supported* as a third-party component. So removing tuple modules would

I don't think it means it's supported. I think it means you can use this 
and your applications will still work, but you should probably 
transition to not using pmods anymore.

I assumed initially the tuple calls were going to be removed later on to 
give time to people to transition.

> effectively disable support for the feature, since the performance costs
> would become prohibitive if one tries to emulate the feature using only
> Erlang, based on Richard Carlsson previous e-mail.

On benchmarks probably, on a full system I doubt it'd be that 
significant. Most Erlang code doesn't use it. Of course I do know we 
simple developers care more about small benchmarks than real 
applications (even when we don't need them), so it'd still be prohibitive.

But that wouldn't be a bad thing. As Robert and Richard say, remove it 
or do it right. Easier to remove with an alternative available (even if 
a little slower), then use the clean codebase to start something new and 
do it right this time, using the previous experience obtained up to this 

I'm sure you guys use it a lot in Elixir, and that'd surely slow Elixir 
programs down, but that'd also probably make it a good test case for 
doing them right.

Loïc Hoguin
Erlang Cowboy
Nine Nines

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