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Tristan Sloughter <>
Fri Oct 5 16:01:44 CEST 2012

This thread is still going? How long till it is the longest thread ever on
the mailing list? (I suspect those are in the 100s though actually, haha).

But how has this not just ended with the understanding:

a) Yaws for some, can be embedded or used like a stand alone web server and
is known to be stable, fast and production ready
b) Cowboy for http library in your app and you like bleeding edge and a
smaller dependency -- and now even smaller in it self but requires ranch
c) Ellis for those who don't care to support http
d) Whatever makes you happy, maybe write your own!

And in my opinion Cowboy REST is now a much better Webmachine than
Webmachine, due to some changes around handling POST and a few other things.


On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 8:04 AM, Thomas Allen <> wrote:

> On Fri, October 5, 2012 7:53 am, Steve Vinoski wrote:
> > Favorite among whom? This is a very broad statement that isn't broadly
> > true. There are many Yaws users out there, many Mochiweb users, and I
> > bet there are more than a few who still use Misultin.
> I'm sorry, I made an unfair generalization. I should've been more
> specific: Following this mailing list and discussions in the Freenode
> channel for some time, it seems to me that the Cowboy project has a great
> deal of momentum. This is not to say that the other tools are somehow
> unsuitable or will all die out.
> I certainly didn't intend to slight Yaws, which is a perfectly stable,
> capable web server, as are the other projects. Perhaps I should have
> phrased my recommendation in terms of what the others are good for rather
> than comparing them to Cowboy: You can't go wrong with Yaws or MochiWeb
> which are proven, stable servers. WebMachine is notably well-suited for
> writing RESTful services and focuses on HTTP compliance. Misultin is a
> good product but is no longer actively developed or maintained by the
> original author, so it is a riskier choice.
> Thomas Allen
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