[erlang-questions] Getting started with Cowboy

Max Bourinov <>
Tue Mar 20 06:43:27 CET 2012

Webmachines could do the job for you. Unix is not that hard to start. Once
you know a bit you will see that it is very comfortable system.

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On 20.03.2012, at 7:00, Jared Kofron <> wrote:

Hi Art!  I have no experience with Cowboy, but I can say from my RESTful
API experience with Erlang, you might
also look at Webmachine - mostly because I found their examples and
diagrams most helpful when I was getting


On Mar 19, 2012, at 7:54 PM, Art Beall wrote:


First post here, thanks for all the information provided through this

At my company we're looking at implementing an api using a RESTfull web
service. Erlang has been suggested. I've been looking for some
documentation, examples or tutorials on using Cowboy. My background is in
Windows/C++. I've taught myself Erlang from the Programming Erlang book.
But the unix tools are mostly new to me.

Hoping I could get some help or suggestions for getting started.

Thanks for any help!

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