[erlang-questions] Serving PDF using Nitrogen/Inets

Garrett Smith g@REDACTED
Wed Mar 7 22:09:38 CET 2012

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 10:35 AM, John Hughes <john.hughes@REDACTED> wrote:
> I’m having trouble serving static pdf files using nitrogen (running on inets
> for the time being). I think they’re being served with the wrong content
> type: my browser treats them as text and displays the PDF source; moreover,
> if I try to “save the page” then a .txt is appended to the file name (I’m
> running on Windows 7). This happens if I visit a URL such as
> http://localhost:8000/file.pdf in my browser (with nitrogen running on the
> same machine).

When I use httpd/inets with modlib, I need to explicitly configure
MIME types, even for images, css, etc. I wonder if Nitrogen does the
same thing but has omitted pdf.

You're seeing other mime types come through? E.g. css -> text/css?


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