[erlang-questions] erlang types

douglas dvdougdv@REDACTED
Tue Mar 6 13:20:23 CET 2012

I have been reading here and there about erlang types.
My thoughts are that anything dynamic is a moving target.
But even moving targets occupy space in time, a camera witnessing a race 
horse's moment time/space occupation
while at the kentucky derby. This obviously is not the same space 
occupation as the next moment/s.
So, it seems to me that it's all about the "Witness's" "Bookkeeping" of 
"Moments" in this case the camera.
The Bookkeeping meta-data, includes a fixed position of pixels for only 
that moment of time occupation which
clearly will not be the same for the next moment.How, would you call a 
particular moment?Would you want too?
So it seems that what is legal and illegal is important;  a list can't 
end in a term etc
if you want the list to end in a term then a new class would be needed 
say "Perfidy;"Container of "Perfidies".
which would have to define the exceptional use cases.
So that additional "bookkeeping/diary" Snapshot of time would be 
presented to the compiler
with no archive available or wanted, it is a fleeting moment. After all 
it's Dynamic!

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