[erlang-questions] EUnit not failing test cases which timeout

Ignas Vyšniauskas baliulia@REDACTED
Tue Mar 6 14:03:58 CET 2012

Hi Andre,

On 2012.03.06 12:40, André Graf wrote:
> You can use the timeout control in eunit and specify how long your
> testcases may take to complete e.g.

thanks for your answer, but I think you misunderstood my question a
bit, perhaps my code example is a bit confusing. The timer:sleep(10001)
is only a proof of concept, but I don't actually intend the test case to
run for a particular time and I don't know beforehand that it will take
X seconds to complete. I want it to fail nevertheless if it takes too
long. I think this is simply wrong behaviour in EUnit's code, I
shouldn't be forced to explicitly add a {timeout, _, _}  fixture to each
test case to avoid this problem.


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