[erlang-questions] Running distributed tests with common test

Fredrik Svahn fredrik.svahn@REDACTED
Tue Mar 6 16:36:29 CET 2012


I have a setup where I am using ct_master:run_test/2 to run tests on target
nodes which each have a local file system.

On the server I get the following html result pages:

The links on the latter page are however broken, since they refer to files
on each target's local file system. In the Users Guide it is stated: "The
CT Master server writes progress information to HTML log files similarly to
the regular CT server. The logs contain test statistics and links to the
log files written by each independent CT server" which seems to support
that what I am seeing is indeed the intended behaviour.

Nevertheless, since I know CT is used for a lot of embedded testing I am
wondering if there is a way of having the test targets report back *all*
results and logs to the master server (as opposed to writing the results
locally)? Would writing a custom event handler help?

BR /Fredrik

PS. this is the full command I use to start the tests, just in case I have
missed some simple config option:
ct_master:run_test(target@REDACTED, [{suite,[array_SUITE]},{auto_compile,
false}, {basic_html, true}, batch]).
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