[erlang-questions] Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Thu Jul 26 18:16:05 CEST 2012

> You asked the author of the IntelliJ plugin why he would do that and not
> contribute to existing projects.
> The same can be asked to you, since you decided to extend SublimeText
> while a
> lot of groundwork was already there for emacs (which is a far more
> widespread
> editor, and more importantly a free one).

i asked the author "why have you started a project similar to many existing
you now ask me "why did you pick sublime text as your baseground to
implement new stuff".

these are not the 'same' question. :)

that being said, i am not interested in pursuing this debate. i love
intellij and will be providing feedback to the author, and see where we get
from there.

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