[erlang-questions] WX Failed loading "wxe_driver"

Dave Cottlehuber <>
Tue Aug 7 23:08:30 CEST 2012

On 7 August 2012 22:16, micern <> wrote:
> Hi again!
> I was recommended to reinstall Erlang using a shorter path name, to avoid
> path names with a blank, as in 'Program Files'.
> I reinstalled Erlang to c:\Erlang and edited the Path variable to include
> c:\Erlang\bin and
> c:\Erlang\lib (I assume ...\lib should be there too).
> The wxw_driver do exist in c:/Erlang/lib/wx-0.99.2/priv.
> But it fails as before. See the error reports below.
> Any other ideas?
> /micael

Could be you have 8.3 filenames disabled for 'performance reasons'. It
fits the initial case, but I'm not sure it would explain the 2nd
c:\Erlang\ scenario.

Does "pushd c:\PROGRA~1\ERL59~1.1\lib\wx-0.99.2\priv" work for you?

The other option is that you're missing some MSVC runtime dependency
for the DLL. Check with depends.exe (you'll need to google/download
it) but its self explanatory really. IIRC this error can also occur.

My final next step would be to run procexp from sysinternals.com and
get a list of all activities referring to wx in filepath. This will
likely clarify where erlang is searching and failing to find the DLL.


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