[erlang-questions] Pros and Cons OTP Release

Max Lapshin <>
Sat Apr 28 06:37:27 CEST 2012

I have used OTP release for erlyvideo for a long.

Now I've refused from it and not going to return back.

1) ESL now distribute good and fresh erlang packages for all required
platforms and I don't have to mess with buddy and ancient
debian/ubuntu/... native erlang package
2) Release changes file layout. It is a problem when you develop in
one environment and deploy in another.
You have to deal with it and in fact there are no reasons for it.

When file layout doesn't change, I can go to staging server, make
there git pull and develop server there with "close to production"
conditions. With releases it becomes a problem.

So in fact I don't see any pros in releases for me.

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