[erlang-questions] Fwd: Erlang Job for $5000 in Saint-Petersburg

dmitry kolesnikov <>
Thu Apr 26 11:05:22 CEST 2012

Just to follow your logic, "history" does not look politically
correct. Should it be renamed into "herstory" or maybe "itstory" to be
sure that nobody complains (even a small group of non traditional


Best Regards,
Dmitry >-|-|-*>

On 26.4.2012, at 11.42, Francesco Mazzoli <> wrote:

>> I'm sorry, but I can't find where I've used the word "men" :)
>> Actually men and women, elves and dwarfs are looked for, but no trolls,
>> sorry ;)
> He's referring to the "his" by the end of the post, which is nitpicking, also considering that English does not have an gender "unspecific" possessive pronoun, and writing his/her each time is annoying.
> Francesco.
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