[erlang-questions] The compiler "eats" structures which are not separated by commas

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Thu Apr 26 10:58:02 CEST 2012

The frames proposal is documented along with the other eep submissions. Erlang.org has links under the 'community' section.

Joe's structs proposal may be there too, though I'm not sure.

Have fun!


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On 26 Apr 2012, at 09:54, Jan Burse <> wrote:

> Richard O'Keefe schrieb:
>> [... Long Useless Mail ...]
> You are basically repeating and rephrasing
> what I wrote first instance i (OO vs
> Record / JavaScript Prototypes). Don't you
> have some thinking of your own?
> There is no official frames proposal yet
> for Erlang I have read in a blog, on the
> other hand the term "frame" has a known
> meaning from the old AI times.
> So instead of talking about a miracoulous
> proposals, it would be helpful to provide
> a link and substantiate claims.
> Bye
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