[erlang-questions] spdy in mouchi web

James Churchman <>
Sat May 7 12:09:27 CEST 2011

Hi Guys, google developed a http replacement / improvement called SPDY
"SPeeDY" :-) )

Its now active in chrome : ( link to the unfortunately purchased then
shutdown by aol blog : downloadsquad )


and here is googles info about it :


One question that might be most common that it answers :

*Q: Is SPDY a replacement for HTTP?*
*A: No. SPDY replaces some parts of HTTP, but mostly augments it. At the
highest level of the application layer, the request-response protocol
remains the same. SPDY still uses HTTP methods, headers, and other
semantics. But SPDY overrides other parts of the protocol, such as
connection management and data transfer formats.*

So my question is ( might be quid a huge ask), is, does anybody plan to add
this to mouciweb ( and therefore webmachine )

I am guessing its a bit of a chicken/egg seniario but if it has google
behind it that may help adoption, and it may bring dev's to erlang if its
(one of) the first to support it!

It might also improve rest applications ( like riak ) in the future too

If not then hopefully a few more people are now aware of its existence after
this email :-)

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